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Heartside Welcomes Philippe Bertaud
The Finer Things
Heartside Music is proud to announce the release of the new CD "The Finer Things."This is Philippe Bertaud's first "Songs" album. His suave French lyrical stylings are featured on seven of the studio tracks. The CD is the result of a long collaboration between Philippe, Roberto Bernardinello and John Francis. The concept came about after a concert in 2004 when Francis realized that Philippe's most requested album was for the one he did not have, of the songs he sang in concert. The same thing happened in 2006 after a duo concert with Bernardinello. They all had such had such a great time that they decided to team up on this porject. The album features two live bonus tracks from the original 2006 concert that were captured and engineered brilliantly by Papajon Halftoe. Bernardinello is featured on six of the nine studio tracks. and worked closely with Francis on the production. They called in Steve Hatfield to pound the drum skins for four tracks and John Goering to tickle the piano keys for two. Francis played ten-string guitar for his own "Cafe au Lait," for which Philippe added French lyrics. The three of them play percussion on various tracks. The album is a nice mixture of originals and unique arrangements, solos, duos, and ensemble works.

The Finer Things

1.  One Note Samba
2.  Dans Mon Ile
3.  Berimbau
4.  Les Petits Paves 
5.  Samba Saravah
6.  Girl From Ipanema
7.  Joanna (guitar solo)
8.  Sirocco (instrumental)
9   Café Au Lait
Bonus Live Tracks

10. Latine (live duo)
11. Berimbau (live guitar solo).  

Sound Clips & Downloads:
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"Guitaristic Wizardry...Michael Hedges spirit lives on between the hearts, hands, wood and steel of standard bearers like Bertaud... Philippe is easily that good." - Montreal Jazz festival review by Michael Fagien / JAZZIZ magazine

"Rich musical imagination. . .astonishing virtuosity. . . dazzling technique. . . Great Philippe Bertaud!" Don Heckman / Los Angeles Times

"Philippe Bertaud is an artist of true communication and his performances not only offer the audience a superior quality concert, but also, manage to envelope them in his music." - Euro-San Francisco

Philippe Bertaud’s Honors:

• 1986: Golden Medal of Cannes – France
• 1987: 1rst prize of Composition, National Conservatory of Nice – France
• 1987: 1rst prize of Classical guitar, National Conservatory of Nice – France
• 1988: Golden Medal of Belgentier Festival – France
• 1989: 1rst prize of Interpretation, National Conservatory of Grasse - France
Roberto Bernardinello and Phiippe Bertaud Live in Wichita, Kansas.